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An open source JavaScript SDK for visualizing unlimited geo-spatial data using only your web browser.

This example epitomizes the reason the SDK was created. It embodies all the important features you may need for visualizing just about any spatial data.

At zoom level 1-6 you have a complete CONUS raster showing FEMA flood zones and state lines. Mouseover a state polygon to show a tool tip info. At zoom level 7 the state polygons give way to county polygons where a mouseover returns county info. As you zoom in further to zoom level 13 the flood zone raster becomes flood zone vector, complete with mouseover events. Finally, at zoom level 15 you have access to building footprints that share mouseover events with the flood zone vector data.

The state and county data represent less than 100MB. The FEMA flood zone raster is 75MB, where the vector data is 36GB. Ironically, the 145 million CONUS building footprints are also 36GB.

To reiterate, no intermediate servers or services are used. COG/FGB files exist on AWS S3 or basic out-of-the-box web server, accessed by your browser. Nothing more.

Less is more. By thoughtfully utilizing your data at appropriate zoom levels, you can visualize and interact with unlimited spatial data. You can do this without unnecessary/expensive hardware and all the client/server software that involves. Best of all, this gives you more time to create and not put out fires.

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