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Tree canopy for Del Norte and Humboldt counties in northern California, which is largely redwood trees near the coast. Data from Meta. The original data set has 1 meter horizontal resolution and 1cm vertical resolution. We've opted to change the vertical resolution to 1 meter as well. This reduces the Cloud Optimized GeoTiff (COG) size to 4.5GB. Maximum heights are preserved.

Northern Humboldt is home to the 4 tallest trees in the world, which are in the 370-380 foot range. These redwoods trees are missing from the data set. This could be intentional to obscure the location of the trees for their protection or the algorithm detected these trees as anomalous. I suspect the latter, but can't confirm.

As you move away from the coast you'll find some very tall Douglas Fir trees upwards of 275 feet. Like all maps here, no backend servers/services were used. Only your browser and raster/vector files in S3 or on simple web server.

The area you are initially looking at is of northern California, Crescent City, Jedidiah Smith State/NP area.

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